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Silver Persinger, write-in candidate for Richmond City Council
About Me

Website Authorized by Silver Persinger for Richmond City Council.

A different kind of candidate.

Who am I? 
I am thirty years old.  I was born in San Francisco, California on February 28, 1972.  Moved to Salem, Virginia in May of 1980 with my little brother Labor, to be raised by foster parents, James and Eunice Coleman.  I attended G.W. Carver Elementary School, Andrew Lewis Middle School, and graduated from Salem High School in June of 1990.  The following fall, I began my college career at Viginia Commonwealth University (VCU).  After several years of indecision and taking time off from school, in 1994 I moved to Cleveland, Ohio to attend Ohio Auto-Diesel Technical Institute.  I graduated from the Technical Institute 19th out of 84 students in January of 1996.  I returned to Richmond and went back to VCU to finish my English degree which I completed in the summer of 1997.  Since then I've had a variety of jobs; I've worked in a number of local restaurants, in a print shop, and at the Library of Virginia-- where I have continued to work part-time since October of 2000.


I am not alone. I have been greatly affected by the tragedy of September 11.

The events of the last year have caused me to look more hopefully to our government as a way to respond to the terrorist attacks.

America is not well. Our government is not well. It lacks the imagination and compassion of real men and women. It is not surprising that corporate business interests have infiltrated the government in order to speed efficiency, maximize and privatize profit. Our current economic and political systems are in need of massive reform. It is time for new ideas and new solutions.

We should seek to constantly move toward a government that is more just, protects the rights of the many, and is an honest attempt to address the serious problems that face us today. To quote an old Richmond newspaper, The Labor Herald, "That is the best government, in which a harm to one is a concern to all."

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Write In For 6 District, City Council.
Personal Choice (P.C.4)